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Sybiz Vision 19.02

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Important Information

Upgrades to Microsoft.NET Framework
Version 19 of Sybiz Vision utilises Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.6 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating. Older operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 19.

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003) and Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2) are not compatible with Sybiz 19 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading.


New Features

Gain even more control over Stock Replenishment

A completely overhauled Stock Replenishment display and Purchase Management Workflow delivers never before possible levels of control. 

Suggest Order Grid
The previous Suggest Order Wizard has been redesigned into a new Suggested Purchase Orders grid. Now with greater intelligence, clarity and control, users can drill down further to make more informed decisions, select periods to manage seasonal stock, order by location and choose to take historical stock movement and/or open orders into account.


Purchase Management Workflow
The new Purchase Management menu provides a straightforward path for users to manage outstanding purchase transactions from one convenient drop-down menu. Requisition Management, All Outstanding Purchase Orders, Orders Delivered but not Invoiced, Orders Invoiced but not Delivered, All Saved Purchase Orders and the new Suggested Purchase Orders grid can all be found under this menu.

Supplier order minimum values
Users are now able to assign minimum order values to Suppliers. This is useful where a Supplier has a minimum order value or when shipping or freight can be discounted or free based on the order value.

More powerful Order Release and Sales Management

More transparency behind ordering intelligence and finer detail control elevates your ordering capability.

Pick and Pack with clarity
Pick and Pack - an optional intermediate step between sales orders and deliveries is now available. Get a comprehensive view of your picking and packing tasks with Sales Order Line Release in Sybiz Vision. This functional screen gives users the ability to sort and allocate orders in a way that works for your business flow, using as much or as little of the function as desired. Sort by picker, delivery date, order, products and more, and when combined with Conditional Formatting, this new screen provides an even clearer and more concise way to organise orders and prepare for deliveries. 



Sales Management Workflow
The new Sales Management menu provides a straightforward path for users to manage outstanding sales transactions from one convenient drop-down menu. View all open transactions by stage – Quotes, Orders, Invoiced but not Delivered, Delivered but not Invoiced, and more – to gain quick and effective management of your sales.


Invoice from Sales Deliveries
Users can now easily create invoices directly from Sales Deliveries by going to Debtors > Sales Management > Deliveries Not Invoiced in Sybiz Vision. Users will find a new grid where Deliveries can be sorted, grouped and invoiced. Create one invoice for multiple deliveries or invoice separately, the choice is yours.

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Transform orders or quotes into sales transactions seamlessly
Users can now more easily turn sales orders and quotes into sales transactions with newly improved navigation and menu options. See a simple grid view of outstanding orders or quotes, simply right click to process or quickly change the status with one click. (CR190340443)

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Additional Function Menu options on Transactions
A new tab appears at the top of the window once a sales transaction has been processed, giving users the ability to instantly initiate Sales Picks, a Sales Delivery or a Sales Invoice for the transaction just finalised.



All new Point of Sale functions

Sybiz Vision's Pay and Process (Point of Sale) expands with more account control options, EFTPOS integration, deposit payments and signature pad support. 

Quick Receipt transactions
Using the new Quick Receipt function in conjunction with Pay & Process, users now have the ability to quickly receipt payments against accounts . The payment amount received can then be allocated against the relevant transactions later. 

Capture customer signatures on transactions
Users are now able to capture customer signatures at the point of sale when processing transactions helping to streamline the proof of purchase process. Users are also able to add a signature as a transaction document and view signatures attached to transactions after processing. Simply connect a supported signature pad device to Sybiz Vision via Administration > Device Settings to take advantage of this new feature.

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Deposits on Sales Orders
​Deposits are now able to be included on Sales Orders as a line item (DP). Simply enter in the deposit amount and click Pay & Process. You'll then be able to enter the payment type for the deposit and process it against the Sales Order. The deposit will automatically reduce the amount outstanding when invoiced. 

Activate and redeem gift cards
Users now have the ability to activate and redeem electronic gift cards through Pay & Process (POS) in Sybiz Vision. 

EFTPOS integration
Sybiz Vision is now able to be integrated with PC EFTPOS terminals for credit, debit and gift card payments.



Find information more efficiently

Enhancements to the Find functionality mean users are able to find information in a more visible and efficient way.

Find Panel
The Find Panel now highlights text on lines and notes in transaction screens rather than filtering. The Find Panel displays the number of relevant search results, and with Next and Previous buttons users are easily able to toggle through results. (CR181239680)

Scroll bar annotations
In addition to improvements to the Find Panel, scroll bar annotations are now shown for search results, giving a simple visual of where results are in the grid. This function also works if there are warnings or errors on lines so you can quickly get to the lines that need attention.

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Giving you a better user experience

Numerous enhancements have been made across Sybiz Vision to create a better user experience for our customers, including more options for personalisation, accessibility and hardware.

Refresh grids
A new timestamp is displayed on the right hand side of the header bar (just below the ribbon bar) showing the date and time of the last refresh. Users can right click to refresh grid screens in Sybiz Vision.

New skins for greater accessibility
Skins in Sybiz Vision are now more accessible for people with a vision impairment or low vision. Two new accessibility skins have been added (High Contrast White & High Contrast Black) as well as 6 additional skins for even more personalisation.

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Personalise font and text size
Users are now able to change their fonts and text sizes in Sybiz Vision, allowing even more personalisation. These settings are unique to each device (eg PC) and will be especially useful for customers with vision impairments. To access these settings go to Administration > Device Settings in Sybiz Vision.

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Improved support for high resolution monitors
Enhancements have been introduced with DirectX and DPI awareness to better support higher resolution monitors, such as increasingly popular 4K screens, giving users a clearer view of Sybiz Vision.

Improved support for non-standard deployments
New options are available for customers who use Sybiz Vision on devices other than desktop computers or away from the office. These settings are managed per device.

     - Low Resource mode
Low Resource mode (LRM) minimises the graphics required when running Sybiz Vision remotely, on the cloud or over slow connections improving speed and performance.  Introduced in version 17.12, LRM is now more easily switched on and off within the software.

     - Touch mode
Enabling Sybiz Vision for touch screens has never been easier. Touch mode has moved from being a separate shortcut and is now switched on and off within the software.

     - Compact mode
Newly introduced Compact mode takes away certain design elements in Sybiz Vision to give you more working space within the software on smaller devices. 

     - Kiosk mode
The new Kiosk mode is designed for users of Sybiz Vision on remote app environments. Kiosk mode forces every scalable window to automatically maximise for a better user experience.

Grid column size improvements
Grid column sizes have been improved across Sybiz Vision for greater visibility and flexibility.  The caption is now always visible and resizing is now enabled for more columns that were previously fixed width. Simply right click on the column header for column options. (CR190340243)

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View multiple documents at once
Users are now able to open multiple documents from the document store at the same time, making it easier to compare and switch between files. (CR181239613)

Updates to Processing menu
The transactions processing menu has received an upgrade to Process options. Users are now able to process a transaction and leave the current transaction window open, process a transaction and open a new transaction window, or process the transaction and close the window.

Greater Product definition
The Product Maintenance screen has been reorganised to provide easier navigation and management of information. Users now have the ability to define if a product can be used in Sales, Purchase, Job, Service and/or Manufacturing transactions at the product level or on a per location basis as well as set days to deliver per location. These options restrict the lookup lists presented to end users based on your selections.

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Product Search improvements
In addition to standard Product Codes, barcodes and Supplier Product Codes it is now possible to store Customer's Product Codes. Users are able to search for and apply multiple Product Code types in transaction lines. This is especially useful if a customer or supplier has a different Product Code to your own internal codes, making products easier to find and transactions faster. 

Product pictures in transactions
Users are now able to choose whether they want to display product pictures in transaction screens. This is useful for front line staff to cross-check products at the point of sale. 

Automatic Numbering on Product Numbers (Codes)
Product numbers (codes) are now able to be generated automatically in Sybiz Vision based on your chosen prefixes and padding options. 

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Days to Deliver options per supplier or location
Users can now enter days to deliver for a supplier in the product enquiry screen. This field will override any other days to deliver entered from a per location perspective. (CR160931283)

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Multiple Bins per location
Multiple Bin numbers can now be assigned to a given product more easily, with a clear definition between the numbers. Reports now also have a data table of available Bin numbers, however quantities are not stored per Bin number. (CR190641056)

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Stop Sales and Purchase Orders
Users are now able to stop Sales and Purchase Orders for individual products to assist phasing out discontinued stock items or temporarily prevent new orders being created due to stock availability. (CR160328849)

See and interact with Alternate Products
Users now have an additional column to see and interact with alternate products on sales transactions. This is especially useful for front line staff to be able to suggest alternative or preferred products at the point of sale.

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Up-sell and cross-sell with Associated Products
Users now have an additional column to see and interact with Associated Products on sales transactions. This gives users the ability to sell additional items at the point of sale. (CR180136328)

Assign Replacement products
Replacement products are now able to be connected to existing products when they are unavailable. This helps advise users that another product can or should be used instead.

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Stocktake header improvements
The Stocktake Report now has access to additional information from the stocktake header including the description and stocktake number. (CR190340514)

Improvements to Purchase Order permissions
Users are now able to create a purchase order automatically from an approved purchase requisition without having purchase order permissions in Sybiz Vision. (CR190340537)

Change Customer on Sales and Purchase Orders
Users are now able to change the Customer on processed Sales and Purchase Orders that haven't yet been further transacted upon. Line items, Special Prices, Discounts, Foreign Currencies and Totals will automatically adjust as appropriate. To change the Customer, open the Sales or Purchase Order, then select Options > Change Customer.

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Delivery Methods on Sales and Purchase transactions
A new Delivery Method field is available, allowing users to create and set up delivery methods such as couriers and include them on Sales and Purchase transactions. Once this function has been set up in Lookups > Creditors/Debtors > Delivery Methods, users are able to select a delivery method for these transactions which also shows cut off times for deliveries. Default Delivery Methods and Priority levels can be set for both Customers and Suppliers along with relevant Account Numbers.

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Special Prices screen redesigned
The Customer and Supplier Special Prices enquiry screen has been redesigned to provide more succinct information. This is helpful for users with low CPU resources but large lists of special prices. (CR181139490)

Total adjustments on transactions
The Total value of transactions can now be updated manually when an alternate or specific value is desired - such as a whole number. By selecting Update Lines > Total Adjustment and entering the desired value, the transaction will automatically adjust to distribute the added or subtracted amount evenly across all line items.

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Last cost by location
The last cost is now stored per location, allowing a more accurate reporting of costs incurred per location and minimising variation postings when stock is in negative. (CR181039093)

Additions to Conditional Formatting
The ability to use Conditional Formatting has been added to more transaction screens throughout Service, Jobs and Manufacturing transactions, further enabling users to see what is important to them with ease. (CR190139883)

Customisable Quantity fields
The decimal places displayed by default on the Quantity fields across the software are now able to be reduced by your Sybiz Authorised Business Partner. This is useful for customers who primarily deal in whole numbers. Users can now choose to display between 0 and 4 decimal places (for example 1 or 1.1234). If a user chooses whole numbers as their default, any decimal places that are entered into the software will still display. This is not applicable to Job and Service labour quantities. 

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Manufacture on Delivery support for Jobs and Service
Products that require manufacturing on delivery can now also be included on Jobs and Service transactions, making it easier to assign kits or manufacturable products to projects.

Quantity Manufacturable column added
A Quantity Manufacturable column is now available on the Transaction and Product Location screens. This shows users the current maximum manufacturable quantity of an assembly or kit product item, based on the components available at the chosen location. 

Quantity Available columns added
A Quantity Available column has been added to Sales, Jobs, Manufacturing, Material and Service transaction screens. (CR180537663) 

Additional line level Breakpoint support
Line level breakpoints previously available only in sales and purchase transactions are now available for other transactions throughout Sybiz Vision. These new extensions allow further control over the grids. 

Additional data in Product re-order report
Additional data is now available within the data pipelines, including a Maximum Level column in the Product re-order report.



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Fixes and Improvements



  • Reminders now prompt when a time is specifically set. (CR19041998)

  • ​Processing a manufacture return of an assembly item where the units of measure on the components is greater than 1 now shows correct stock values for the component. (CR190942166)

  • Invoices created from Orders once again require a single line to have a quantity in order to be invoiced or delivered. (CR190841923)

  • The Product Quantity Charts that showed incorrect values under certain circumstances have been adjusted to display the correct values. (CR190942014)

  • Products that become assemblies after being used on a template or order now allow sales deliveries and invoices work as expected. (CR190942129, CR190841895)

  • Budget periods now appear in chronological order. (CR190942038)

  • Product lookups now reverted to behave as they did before version 19.00. (CR190942149)

  • Changes have been made to the suggested purchase order routines. (CR190942033, CR10942030)



  • Changes have been made to support new scenarios presented by VAT for Making Tax Digital (MTD) for UK businesses. (CR190841853, CR190641153, CR190841834)

  • Reprinting transaction documents no longer causes an exception if no data is returned. (CR190841723)

  • Tax boxes 5A & 6A now update correctly when related tax boxes are manually adjusted for Australian businesses. (CR190841818)

  • Invoices and Credits no longer require the Sales and/or Purchase Order module to be licensed to be processed. (CR190841698, CR190841667)

  • The Thousand Seperator is present again in math controls (eg credit limit). (CR190841848)

  • Conversions from Sybiz Vision Classic now work without the Inventory Ledger. (CR190841737)

  • Deposit lines now process correctly on Sales Invoices. (CR190841722)

  • Inventory transfer transaction documents can be output without error. (CR190841850)



  • ​Job Costing and Service Action lines added to sales transactions now function with the inclusive/exclusive setting and sets the price appropriately. (CR190440562)

  • ​The Custom Grid timeout has been extended from 1 minute to 5 minutes. (CR190340399)

  • User roles are now able to be deleted when there are no users attached to the role. (CR190641067)

  • Exchange rate issues have been resolved in Cashbook and Job Costing transactions. (CR190540885, CR190540863)

  • Duplicate Supplier address records are no longer created after multiple saves. (CR190540813)

  • Delivery instructions are now retained when they are manually added to a Job invoice. (CR190440577)

  • Serial costed products will now retrieve their last inwards cost when returned into stock. If unique costs are important to retain, then each should be returned individually. (CR190440559, CR160128468)

  • The address information on the enquiry screens has been adjusted to provide better visibility when using darker skin settings. (CR190340465)

  • The Snapping Mode option has been restored to Report Designer. (CR190340432)

  • The email address on the Supplier Enquiry screen can now be selected and copied. (CR190340371)

  • Posting issue resolved when a purchase return with negative stock quantities is processed. (CR190340303)

  • AfterSave() and AfterProcess() breakpoint events now have access to the correct transaction information. (CR190139844)

  • Custom transaction style enquiry grids now retain any formatting applied to the header grid. (CR181239734)

  • The Lead Time field on Product Locations has been renamed to Days To Deliver to maintain consistency across imports and exports. (CR190541012)

  • The UK VAT rates and descriptions are updated when creating a new company. (CR190340269)

  • Custom field data no longer disappears when refreshing the Service Item list. (CR190340312)

  • A number of Inventory reports have had issues resolved. (CR180236591)

  • The Sub Report functionality has been removed from transaction document reports. (CR190240207)

  • Sales Templates can now be opened through custom enquiries. (CR190641189)

  • ​The import routine for Base Unit of Measure (UOM) has been changed to allow/disallow changes to the Base UOM if other UOMs exist. (CR180938757)

  • The value of the Sales Representative ID and User ID no longer affects Sales Representatives being added to Leads. (CR190641188)

  • Custom F6 grid to allow populating field with selection by double-clicking like standard F6 grid does. (CR190641180)

  • Previewing documents with multiline line notes no longer shows a red cross. (CR190641163)

  • Automatic Numbering enabled when using "New From" to create a new sales / purchase template. (CR190641116)

  • The double click on a line within the warning error list in the bottom right of stocktake now navigates to the correct line. (CR190440703)

  • Imports no longer create additional line breaks when the remarks/notes already have line breaks. (CR190440642)

  • Loading a sales template into an order, invoice etc, now brings across the discount from the template lines when always use template prices is not ticked. (CR190340480)

  • Automatic numbering issue on suggested order wizard has been resolved. (CR190340413) 

  • Incorrect postings no longer arise in the stock posting table when a negative quantity is purchase returned based on an order. (CR190340324)

  • Attempting to edit a customised report or transaction document (eg Sales Invoice) that was edited in an earlier version may result in an error (object reference not set to an instance of an object). A quick remedy is available from your Sybiz Business Partner (CR190841797).

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