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Sybiz Vision 20.01

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Important Information

Changes to Microsoft Office 365 with Sybiz Vision
Microsoft Office 365 will need to be reconfigured for use with Sybiz Vision 20.01 to support recent Microsoft changes. (CR180838657)

Upgrades to Microsoft.NET Framework
Version 20.01 of Sybiz Vision utilises Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.6 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating if you are upgrading from a version older than 19.00. Older operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 20.

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003) and Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2) are not compatible with Sybiz 20.01 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading.

Find Panel behaviour change
Changes have been made to the default behaviour of Find Panels in Sybiz Vision, effective from version 20.00. Now when performing a search, the search function uses AND instead of OR behaviour. For example, searching 'Sybiz Vision' will return any results containing the single term ‘Sybiz Vision’ instead of either ‘Sybiz’ OR ‘Vision’.


New Features

Fine grain control on posting accounts

Additional general ledger posting accounts are now available for products, groups and locations, giving users the ability to gain a greater level of flexibility in general ledger reporting.

Optional posting accounts for inventory products
Optional perpetual cost posting accounts are available for inventory products, allowing greater control of stock cost reporting at a general ledger level. This also provides flexibility in the timing of reporting sales and purchase costs. The layout of posting account options (automatic, accrual, perpetual and manufacturing) for product and location has been modified into a clearer tabbed window to make set up easier. (CR190540855)

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Accrual accounts for Job and Service transactions
Optional accrual accounts are available for jobs and service allowing greater control over inventory reporting at the general ledger level. If configured, inventory delivered but not invoiced for jobs and service will be allocated to an accrual account until they are invoiced. Upon invoicing, postings will be transferred to the relevant accounts. (CR161232347)

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Sourced-from Products
Users are now able to track products as a whole units and portions of units using Sourced-from Products. Sourced-from Products can be configured to manage products that might be sold either grouped/intact or individually/broken-down allowing staff to more easily manage products at point of sale.

Sourced-from Products can also be used to manage products that can be cut to size (like timber at full-length) as portions (timber at cut-length) for orders or at point of sale, on demand. Users decide which product to source from in the transaction - full-length, cut-length or a combination of the two - to get the desired lengths and pieces. Off-cuts remain in your system ready to sell or can be written off as wastage.

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Invoice direct from Purchase Deliveries
Users can now easily create invoices directly from Purchase Deliveries from a new grid under Creditors > Purchase Management > Deliveres not Invoiced. In Purchase Invoice processing, create one invoice for multiple deliveries or invoice separately, the choice is yours. (CR160630112)

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Creating a more efficient workflow

Numerous enhancements have been made across Sybiz Vision to create a more efficient workflow for users, including find functions, 'New From' extensions, improvements to CRM and more.

Create quotes and estimates direct from Opportunities in CRM
New sales quotes, job estimates and service quotes can now be quickly created directly from an Opportunity and automatically linked to the sales record, simplifying the sales process in CRM. (CR181039306)

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CRM grid extensions
A new Subcategory column has been made available on standard Case File grids, giving more filtering capability out of the box. (CR190540998)

'New From' extended to Standing Journals
Easily create new Standing Journals using the 'New From' function. This will allow users to duplicate fields from an existing Standing Journal and adjust necessary fields as needed, reducing data entry. (CR180838397)

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Find offset transactions easier
A new Find Panel, like those added to other transaction screens, has been added to the Customer offset screen to make it even easier to find specific transactions. (CR190841752)

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More ways to track orders
Users now have the ability to access the Track Order functionality directly from Sales and Purchase transactions in addition to Sales and Purchase Orders. (CR190440739)

Easily make corrections to processed orders
Transaction corrections have now been extended to orders, allowing users to easily make corrections to already processed orders. The option is available to select a different supplier after processing, automatically updating costs and sales prices as relevant to the newly selected supplier. (CR190440737)

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Automatic Payment Wizard improvements
When a bank account is selected that is set up for EFT payments, the Use Electronic Payment option now defaults to Yes. If the bank account is not set up for EFT payments it will default to No. The Increment Record field is now also selected by default. (CR160429083)

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Automatic Numbering extended
The Automatic Numbering system is now available throughout Projects, Customers and Suppliers, making it easier to consistently and systematically allocate numbers automatically to these records. (CR190540989)




Improvements to reporting and analytics

Improvements have been made to reporting across the board, giving you more valuable insight into your business and more control over how you interact with your data.

Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) for non-standard financial years
Companies with non-standard financial years are now able to more accurately report TPAR in Sybiz Vision by setting custom start and end dates for the required period. (CR190741424)

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Exchange rate date adjustments
The Aged Balance report now shows the exchange rate for the transactions at the time of the nominated report run date, making reporting foreign exchange rates more accurate. (CR17033117)

Additional information in Inventory Quantity reports
The Inventory Quantity and Value report now includes Last Cost information to provide better reporting of the current cost of manufacturing assemblies in addition to the average cost. (CR180537482)

Estimated Unit Prices in manufacturing now 4 decimals
The Estimated Unit Price for a manufacturing assembly or return have been extended to 4 decimal places (up from 2), allowing a finer understanding of true costs and values. (CR190540906)

Manufacture Issues and Returns enquiry screen shows transaction description
The Manufacture Issues and Returns enquiry screen now shows the transaction description, giving more information about the issues and returns for front line staff. (CR190540947)

Resizing ability in Analytics Panels
Users are now able to resize the Pivot and Chart panels in Analytics to have a better view of their customised pivot list and charts. Any changes to size will also save to the user state so there's no need to resize each time you login. (CR190540985)

Improvements to Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets purchased through the Creditors ledger will now post an acquisition cost to all active books if configured to do so, requiring less manual processing. (CR190541009)

More advanced Project exports
Project budgets now allow simultaneous exporting of all active projects, making multiple exports faster and easier for data analysis and comparison. Project budgets from previous financial periods are also able to be exported, allowing users to make adjustments as needed and re-import for the next financial period. (CR190741340, CR190741338) 

Import and export contracts
Customers are now able to import and export contracts to update individual pricing easily en masse. (CR180336870)

Import and export field inclusions
Notes and fields with large amounts of text can now be imported and exported with Sybiz Vision. (CR190139881)

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 support
Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is officially supported in Sybiz 20.


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Fixes and Improvements



  • Default fonts are now consistent when editing CRM objects and using the User Stamp. (CR190340253)

  • The BAS / calculation sheet window is now able to be resized, allowing greater resolution for larger monitors. (CR190641035)

  • Users now have the ability to change the inventory posting method on an item from Product Group to Location & vice versa. (CR190941993)

  • Standard cost items that have had a cost change between generating a stocktake and processing a stocktake will no longer automatically post. (CR191042300)

  • The Auto Filter Row no longer results in an error on custom grids when they are used to replace F6. (CR190942241)

  • Custom breakpoint buttons are no longer enabled when a transaction is processed but not closed. (CR190942220)

  • A warning message will now be provided when the send button is pressed with no email address in email windows. (CR190942151)

  • The Inventory Tracking tab on the enquiry screen now shows the full serial number. (CR190942124)

  • Inventory charts now show the same values from returned values and from the stored procedure. (CR190942014)

  • Selecting Edit Template in Export Wizard now behaves as intended. (CR190841952)

  • Product enquiry screen opens with the Prices tab. (CR190841890)

  • BIC now runs as expected when upgrading from previous versions. (CR190841804)

  • Customer remarks no longer have a 50 character limit when importing. (CR190741592)

  • An error where users were unable to change the foreign exchange rate on cashbook lines has been resolved. (CR190741305)

  • Periodic Bills that are produced as orders now have a value in the Lines QuantityOrdered column. (CR190641279)

  • The default value field in Date or other custom fields can now be cleared as expected. (CR190641117)

  • Conversion process now includes clearer details regarding specific records with issues when running 'check valid master record'. (CR190641109)

  • The Open Transaction screen within the cashbook shows the total of a saved cashbook batch correctly where there are split transactions included within that batch. (CR190641057)

  • Template pricing more consistently contains all decimals when coming through to a sales order. (CR190541006)

  • 'Description' column populates correctly when adding transactions from open transaction window to a CRM opportunity. (CR190540995)

  • Accessing service journals through GL enquiry screen no longer results in an error message. (CR190540954)

  • Transaction batch history on report sets now saves period selection as expected. (CR190540812)

  • Users are able to link a branch office to a head office customer when the option "always prompt for alternate invoice / delivery account" is already ticked on the branch. (CR190540761)

  • Saved job estimate lines now update correctly after saving. (CR190540758)

  • Transaction breakpoints After_New and After_Loaded now perform as expected. (CR190440748)

  • Service item import now correctly displays custom fields at preview stage. (CR190340528)

  • Importing General Ledger accounts when segment order has been changed no longer results in an error. (CR190340329)

  • Crediting a service billing invoice no longer results in an error. (CR181139339)

  • Changing the Base UOM on an item now behaves more consistently. (CR180938757)

  • ‚ÄčAssemblies marked as can manufacture on delivery no longer appear as part of the manufacture work order process. (CR191242785)

  • Negative line quantities on a sales delivery or invoice no longer allocate stock. (CR191242773)

  • Sales pick now allocate materials based on changes to assembly components. (CR191142721)



  • Changes have been made to Microsoft Outlook 365 email support to support recent Microsoft changes. (CR200143032)

  • Manufacture issues with a quantity higher than that ordered are now prevented from being processed. (CR191242854)

  • The reference field on a job credit is now automatically populated with the reference from the costed or pre invoice. (CR191042494)

  • The Tax Manager report now displays values in the correct columns when using cash accounting with cashbook adjustments. (CR190841939)

  • Alignment issues on standard Profit and Loss, and Project Financial Position reports have been corrected. (CR200142903)

  • Cost category, stage and cost centre values are now converted for outstanding purchase orders. (CR191242860)

  • Automatic payments recognise the include flag as designed. (CR191242875)

  • The caption and label for Minimum Free Freight Order has been renamed to Free Into Store (FIS). (CR200143033)

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