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Sybiz Vision 21.01

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Important Information

Basic Authentication being deprecated for Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft have begun to move towards Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365, deprecating the currently available Basic Authentication. Sybiz users are able to utilise this additional security within their solutions from version 20.10. Basic Authentication will continue to be available in Sybiz solutions until Microsoft disable it in the second half of 2021.

Deposits in Pay and Process
If you have been using Deposits prior to version 20.10 please be aware that the negative and positive nature of deposits has changed. If you have customised reports or transaction documents that are displaying deposit information, these will need adjusting.

Upgrades to Microsoft.NET Framework
Version 21.01 of Sybiz Vision utilises Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.6 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating if you are upgrading from a version older than 19.00. Older operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 20+.

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003) and Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2) are not compatible with Sybiz 21.01 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading.


New Features

Emailing en masse just got easier
More versatile emailing options now allow users to send bulk emails from a dedicated or group account as well as maintaining individual settings if needed for single transactions. When configured, bulk emails such as statement or periodic billing runs can be set up to use different mail systems, accounts and From and Reply-To addresses, enabling mass emails to process through intelligent spam detection or paid email options.

In addition to separate bulk email options, users are now able to set alternative From or Reply-To email address per transaction type on email templates (overriding standard and bulk email settings). This allows certain transactions and any subsequent replies to be sent/from to different teams or mailboxes where required, giving users greater control over their communications. (CR190741319 & CR201044779)

Responsive report security
Reporting in Sybiz Vision has become more responsive and secure. Each individual report template now has its own security settings, allowing users to see unique reporting information based on their role and permissions. Build specialised reports for departments or regions by tailoring who is able to access, edit, delete or create new reports, or specifying what roles are able to view certain layouts.

Existing report templates will need to have permissions customised for unique requirements, whilst new report permissions can be configured in role settings at the time of creation. (CR180738301 & CR180738303)

Transaction template security
The ability to add, edit or delete transaction templates and layouts are now able to be restricted to specific users via role permission settings giving businesses greater control over transaction modifications and updates. (CR190139821)

Sales in the palm of your hand
Stay focused on what matters with Sybiz’s first unique role-based mobile application, Vision Sales. Built from the ground up for iOS and Android devices, the first of a series of Sybiz mobile solutions delivers an intuitive sales interface connected to your Sybiz Vision database.

Tapping in to Sybiz Vision’s sales orders and quoting functionality, users can create, manage, process and drill down into transactions to deliver faster, more personalised customer service from their smart device. 



A whole new world with Web API
The possibilities with your Sybiz Vision solution have evolved in a major way with Web API functionality ready for our new mobile apps. Only a short time after it's initial release, the Web API has already been expanded to include new extensions, enhancing the capability for transactions and more. 

Web API is a framework that enables secure access to Sybiz Vision data and transaction processing engine via the HTTP standard, allowing you to connect your solution to additional devices such as tablets, mobile, point of sale machines and more. Get ready to achieve more with Sybiz Vision than you ever imagined possible.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft Office 365
Sybiz customers that use Microsoft Office 365 as their Email Type in Sybiz Vision can now utilise the added security of Multi-Factor Authentication. 

Multi-Factor Authentication can be enabled in Sybiz Vision by selecting File > Options > Email Options and then unticking the Login Required checkbox. Select the ellipses on the Server field and login using your Microsoft credentials as demonstrated in the short video below.

Please note that Multi-Factor Authentication will not accept personal Microsoft account credentials and users must have a corporate login.

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New interactive custom field types
Three new responsive custom field types are now available: Email, File and URL. Each field is interactive, meaning you can create a new email to a customer or supplier, navigate to a file on your network or link to an external URL with a simple click.

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Appearance types on custom fields
The visibility of custom fields can now be adjusted on a per field basis. Custom fields can be made visible (and editable), read-only (cannot be edited but are visible), or hidden (not visible or editable). Hidden fields can be useful for tracking data behind the scenes, whereas read-only fields are great for capturing data updated through importing or workflow breakpoints. (CR190942077)

New Suggest button on Purchase Orders
Now, when ordering from a specific supplier, it's a simple process to work out what else you might need to order from them. The new Suggest button on the Purchase Order transaction screen provides fast access to the Suggested Purchase Orders functionality for the relevant supplier. Users can then make the most of their orders by topping up to the minimum value, topping up to the free in store value, reviewing priority sales orders, or grouping the data and choosing based on what items Sybiz Vision suggests. (CR201044770)

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Greater insight into Suggested Purchase Orders with Sales Quote Quantities
The Suggested Purchase Orders function now shows additional columns showing outstanding sales quotes in the system to help users determine how much stock they may need to order. Approved, Pending and Total quote quantities are now displayed, giving you greater insight into your order requirements. (CR191242884)

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Performance Improvements to Suggest Purchase Orders
Significant speed and performance improvements have been made to the Suggested Purchase Orders and Top Up Supplier functions, enabling thousands of records to be loaded in seconds. 

Consistent behaviour for transactions created from Sales Quotes
Sales transactions created from Sales Quotes now use the same behaviour as head-office/branch-office transactions, making these actions more harmonious. (CR191142676)

Enhancements to multiple delivery processing
Additional validations have been added to Deliveries when Sales Picks are used to reduce errors when processing multiple deliveries on fully picked orders. (CR200543678)

Report contact information for deliveries
Contact details of couriers or other delivery intermediaries (phone, email, and website) can now be included as part of a Delivery Method, making it easier to arrange and track these services. (CR191242822)

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Create credits from returns
Users now have the ability to create a credit from a return of inventory products for sale and purchase transactions, streamlining the returns process further in Sybiz Vision. Re-stocking and freight charges on returns can be easily added into the same transaction on a new line. (CR191242853)

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More precision with Stocktakes
The default product Unit of Measure (UoM) is now displayed within the Stocktake grid and Stocktake report, giving users greater certainty that the quantities they are counting and entering are accurate. (CR200744091)

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Filter products within a Bin
Users can now filter products that exist within a Bin when creating a stocktake, to give a better understanding of stocktake requirements. When performing the stocktake, this does not count stock only within that bin but rather filters the products for easier selection. (CR191042491)

Time allocation for CRM tasks
Allocate specific due and follow up times for tasks, leads and opportunities created in CRM. Sort activities by Due On date and time in the Activities grid to quickly see when your tasks are due each day. In addition, times for Created On, Started On and Modified On fields will all now show time elements in the grids. (CR200142950)

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Connecting to customers
Users are now able to select contact details from an existing customer record within Leads, Opportunities, Service Items and Service Requests, connecting sales and service to customers seamlessly. (CR190340421)

Multi-tasking capability for editing multiple records, transactions and ledgers
Users can now open and edit multiple records and transactions simultaneously, affording greater capability for multi-tasking. Sybiz Vision users are no longer required to close a record or transaction being edited in order to edit another.  

This functionality is not limited across ledgers. A user can, for example, be in the middle of creating a sales transaction, then open a customer case file for editing without the need to first close the previous screen. (CR201144869)

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Receive and process Deposits with ease
Deposits in Pay and Process are now received, edited and refunded from a dedicated option in the ribbon bar, allowing users to more quickly and clearly manage deposits in transactions.

If you are already using Deposits, please ensure you read the important information at the top of this page.

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‚ÄčControlled data exports
The standard grid export function is now connected to the new standard report security rights, meaning users need to have specific permissions granted to export and print data such as Customer or Supplier lists. (CR190941988)
Generate standard reports from custom grids
Users can now generate standard reports from custom grids, such as Customer, in the same way as they can from standard grids. Simply right-click to print or preview. (CR190440592)

Improvements to Sales and Purchase Management grids
Transaction custom fields are now available within Sales and Purchase Management grids, enabling users to customise their sales and purchase processes further. (CR191042486)

Improved Service Enquiries
Meter Readings in Service Item Enquiries now includes data from Meter Billing runs, making reviewing these readings a simpler process. (CR180938852)

Enhanced clarity for Job Cost offsets
Users are now able to see more detail, such as the Job Stage and Cost Centre assigned to a Job Cost, when offsetting costs via Job Journals, allowing greater ability to determine the best costs to offset against. (CR171236177)
Custom descriptions for Meter Servicing
Meter servicing now allows for a custom description for service requests to better describe the individual requirements of each service item, especially in cases where the same generic description is used across multiple products. (CR190240072)

Aged Balance listing and Statement Report Improvements
Changes have been made to improve the Aged Balance listing and Statement Reports for Debtors and Creditors, including adjustments to invoice appearance in Future columns and foreign currency exchange adjustments for transactions. (CR200443545, CR191142706)
Reprint multiple transaction documents with different templates
When reprinting multiple transaction documents of the same type, users are now able to select which template they want to use for the transactions. (CR190841736)

Exclusive calculations on tax
Withholding and Voluntary Tax are now calculated using exclusive figures in the Cashbook, making these tax calculations on purchase invoices for suppliers more accurate. (CR170834970)

Improved descriptions for new financial years
Improvements have been made to new financial year descriptions for consistency and clarity in new and existing companies. (CR200443547)

Improved font size responsiveness
Sybiz Vision now responds more efficiently to increased font sizes, making viewing your data clearer on different screen resolutions and devices.

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Fixes and Improvements


  • Orders will now allow modifications if an error is encountered when processing. (CR201144995)

  • Footer total refreshes correctly in the suggest purchase order grid. (CR201245029)

  • Email objects can be saved when using drag and drop without defaults set. (CR201245070)

  • Changing price entry mode in OnOpen breakpoint works as expected again. (CR201245048)

  • Margins correctly calculated on processing from deliveries not average cost from invoice. (CR201245051)  



  • The divide by zero error within the “Fix Out Of Range Prices” screen has been resolved. (CR200243086)

  • Device settings can be managed by users with rights without having to be in the default Administrator role. (CR190942172)

  • Bank reconciliation descriptions based on dates behave as intended. (CR200643817)

  • Cashbook transactions with 100% discount on credits are now longer allowed. (CR200643922)

  • Purchase cost on new transactions will use the last line if multiple lines exist on the last transaction. (CR200844292)

  • New deprecation methods now allows saving. (CR200643921)

  • Sales stages are now displayed in the sort order applied to in the sales process definition. (CR200243217)

  • Custom report designer now works as intended. (CR191242813)

  • The cash position dashboard now shows months that do not have any transactions. (CR191042261)

  • Customer and supplier journals no longer clear values when using 'New From'. (CR200643717)

  • Deleting a sales credit with an attached lot now clears the lot data. (CR200543636)

  • A sales quote can no longer be added to multiple sales orders. (CR200744145)

  • Items added to the Quick Access Toolbar no longer change to another button. (CR201044772)

  • AmountOutstanding field in Sales Invoice Template is now formatted correctly. (CR200643767)

  • Depreciation Run Transaction Number now supports 25 characters. (CR201144904)

  • The period choice header in enquiry screens will no longer appear at the bottom. (CR201144897)

  • Changing period dates will no longer create gaps. (CR200443518)

  • Processed transactions will not recalculate their tax values when viewed. (CR200543645)

  • Multiple improvements to the product movement report. (CR191142553, CR180336948)

  • Keyboard shortcuts changed to be unique in Job Costed Invoice. (CR200844255)

  • New lines added to a pending Service Quote can now be deleted. (CR200643868)

  • Admin Dashboards show the LastRunDate correctly. (CR200443470)

  • PC-EFTPOS has been rebranded to Linkly. (CR200343425)

  • Significant improvements have been made to data import and export routines. (CR200944539, CR200243100, CR200844297, CR200343357, CR200643865, CR200443507)

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