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2017's inductee to the Sybiz Hall of Fame is...

2017 Sybiz's success over the past 4 decades has been because of the incredible people who work tirelessly to build, support and share our software solutions all over the world. Those who show outstanding commitment and service to the Sybiz community are honoured with a place in the Sybiz Hall of Fame.

John Kennison began in Sybiz's support department fresh out of university. What he thought would be a stepping stone has become a lasting career and a passion. John excelled during his apprenticeship with the support department and was recruited into the Sybiz development team, giving him a chance to build on his software development skills.

Sales Channel Manager Shane Rollas and Director Grant Argy both noted how valuable John's advice has become to both Sybiz staff and Business Partners, celebrating his willingness to provide assistance at any time, day or night.

Accepting his award, John thanked Judith Leefson and Grant Argy for taking a chance on him and giving him the opportunity to grow at Sybiz. John reinforced his belief in the importance of his work at Sybiz and said he was driven by a passion to help others. In return, everyone in the Sybiz community has been grateful for John's dedication, advice and the constant enthusiasm and drive he brings to every facet of Sybiz.

We're very proud to induct John Kennison in the Sybiz Hall of Fame.

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