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How to update leave and pays for a one-off public holiday

The Australian Government has opted to make Thursday 22 September a one-off national public holiday in 2022 as a day of mourning and memorial services for Queen Elizabeth II. As such, the Sybiz Head Office will be closed for the day. Similar events will be held in New Zealand on Monday 26 September however, Sybiz will be contactable via our Head Office on that day.

Sybiz Visipay users may also need to update their system to include the new public holiday and update existing leave requests or pays to reflect the changes to accommodate this unprecedented event.

To add a public holiday in Sybiz Visipay:

1. Go to the Self Service tab
2. Select Leave Options from the ribbon bar
3. Go to the Public Holidays tab
4. Scroll to 2022 and expand the year
5. Right click within the year and select Add
Add public holiday Visipay

6. Enter in the relevant information and date
Queen's memorial day

7. Click OK to save and exit

When an employee has already had leave approved for the holiday date:

In cases where an employee has had leave approved for a time period including 22 September but it has not been processed, the simplest option may be to request the employee cancels the leave and resends their request if necessary (i.e., if the leave was for more than the single day). The public holiday would need to be added into Sybiz Visipay prior to new leave requests to take effect automatically.

When an employee has already had leave processed for the holiday date:

If an employee has had leave approved for a time period including 22 September and it has already been processed, you can either include a leave item with a negative quantity in their next pay or reverse and reprocess their pay.

Reversing the pay also reverses the annual leave and providing the public holiday has been added into Sybiz Visipay prior to reprocessing the pays, the accrued and actual leave figures should then be correct for the employee. Care should be taken to ensure bank transfers are cleared prior to the next pay run.

If in doubt, reach out to your Sybiz Authorised Business Partner for further assistance.

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