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Sybiz Vision Classic & VSM version 12.90 available soon

Sybiz Vision Classic & VSM version 12.90 available soon We understand there are still some customers who are still in the planning stages of their upgrade from Sybiz Vision Classic & VSM and will remain on the Classic versions for a little while longer.

For these customers, Sybiz will make available a service release for Sybiz Vision Classic & VSM - version 12.90 - in order to address some minor outstanding technical issues.

If you are unlikely to exceed 1 million general ledger batches in Sybiz Vision Classic or do not use the Copier Cost Per Click report in Sybiz VSM then there is no need to upgrade from Sybiz Vision 12.82.

As with our version 17.00 release of Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay, Sybiz Vision Classic & VSM version 12.90 will only be available via download.

If you are using Sybiz Vision Classic or VSM and wish to upgrade to version 12.90 you will find the link in future email communications regarding the general release.

You will also find the link by viewing Sybiz Flash from the menu in Sybiz Vision Classic.

Our recent announcement regarding the digital release of Sybiz Vision version 17.00 contained a list of items laying out the importance of upgrading from Sybiz Vision Classic.

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