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Sybiz Europe is open for business!

Sybiz Europe is open for business!

Following the successful release of the new Sybiz Vision accounting software package and increasing awareness of the brand across Europe, Sybiz Software is proud to announce the opening of a new office in Dublin, Ireland. Sybiz Europe will be headed by veteran business partner Stephen Daly, who brings a wealth of experience to the Sybiz team.

"I'm very proud to lead the team as Sybiz breaks new ground in the European market. Businesses in Europe are not just recovering, they’re growing. The focus is on how business can increase their efficiency and effectiveness with the aid of technology. With the new Sybiz Vision we’re not just getting attention we’re delivering solutions," Stephen said.

From 23 February 2015, the Sybiz Europe team will offer the same direct, high-level support to users in Ireland, the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, which has made Sybiz a market leader in Australia and New Zealand. To ensure customers and business partners receive the benefits immediately, European-based support contracts have already been transferred to the Sybiz Europe team. Finance and Services Director Ben O'Brien says the European office will provide new growth opportunities for Sybiz and its users,

"This vote of confidence in the Irish, UK and European market is very satisfying. I'm excited about the increased service and support we can now offer and it will undoubtedly lay the foundation for exponential growth."

Sybiz's new European presence follows a tradition of Australian innovators taking on larger competitors in their own backyards.

"We're also expecting growth closer to home in in markets like Singapore, Fiji, Papa New Guinea and Indonesia, so it's pretty exciting," adds Peter Whalley, Sybiz Managing Director and Head of Sales and Marketing.

The commencement of Sybiz Europe comes after the successful launch and continued rollout of the new Sybiz Vision version 14.00. This year also marks the 40th anniversary of Sybiz Software.

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