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Sybiz Vision upgrades and 64-bit compatibility

Sybiz Vision upgrades and 64-bit compatibility

Sybiz Vision accounting software's version 14.16 has now been released and increases the functionality in a number of areas. 

Here's a selection of items included in 14.16:

• Pay & Process in sales invoices and credits
• Credit card surcharge
• Pay & process clearing wizard
• Job staff link with Sybiz Visipay
• Job pay item link with Sybiz Visipay
• Extract timesheets to Sybiz Visipay
• Job credits
• Serial & Lot numbers on sales invoices
• Speed & performance enhancements
• Project info in pipeline for sales, purchase & job costing documents

Sybiz is in the process of upgrading products to 64-bit. As a result of some of the preparation work the 'web update' option for Sybiz Vision 14.16 will not run on 64-bit PCs with 64-bit operating systems. If you experience this issue, characterised by the initial installation form disappearing, then please speak with your Sybiz Business Partner for the download.

For more information about this release, you can refer to the What's New section of the Sybiz Vision Product Help file or speak to your Sybiz Business Partner.

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