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Sybiz Vision version 16.10 available now

Sybiz Vision version 16.10 available now Sybiz Vision version 16.00 has been sent out to all customers in the 2016 General Release. But far from taking a break, our team has continued to expand the functionality of Sybiz Vision in version 16.10, available from today.

Version 16.10 brings additional functionality to Sybiz Vision CRM, including the ability to capture and send emails.

A new margin-based pricing mechanism allows certain users to set price margins minimums, maximums and ranges for sales transactions. Administrators can enforce rules, user warnings, or override rules if necessary.

Reporting capability within Sybiz Vision Fixed Assets has expanded with depreciation schedule reports and insurance reports.

Manufacturing has also been extended to facilitate by-products and the manufacturing work order process can now be initiated from both sales orders and manufacture orders.

If you’re in the process of upgrading to Sybiz Vision version 16.00, we recommend you download and install version 16.10 once your upgrade is complete.

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