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Sybiz Visipay Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 (STP2) deferral until 31 October 2022

Sybiz Visipay Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 (STP2) deferral until 31 October 2022 The Australian Taxation Office has extended Sybiz’s STP2 deferral until 31 October 2022 as they are struggling with the volume of testing required to certify products ahead of 1 July 2022. Further, the ATO has had to interact with employers reporting under STP2 to a greater extent than they did with STP1 and the deferral helps the ATO stretch out the volume of employers transitioning to STP2 over a longer time frame.

This deferral automatically covers all Sybiz Visipay customers.

Sybiz Visipay 22.20 will be released with the deferral date pre-configured, meaning STP reporting will not switch over to version 2 until 1 November 2022 and there is no action required by users to switch to STP2.

Sybiz initially wanted to avoid a transition to STP2 part way through the financial year but we have made adjustments to Sybiz Visipay 22.20 to enable all pay items to be configured and used as if STP2 were in place and report correctly, irrespective of whether reporting under STP1 or STP2. This also includes the required transitional reporting requirements (from STP1 to STP2) without user intervention.

For those customers who have already been granted a separate deferral please be advised that the changes Sybiz have made will mean that it is okay to upgrade to Sybiz Visipay 22.20 (our previous advice to refrain from upgrading if not reporting via STP2 from 1 July is no longer valid). If your deferral expires prior to 31 October 2022 you will now be covered by Sybiz’s deferral until 31 October 2022.

Finally, for those customers looking to report via STP2 prior to the deferral date we will have the ability to accommodate and further information will be made available in coming weeks.

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