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Sybiz hosts its first post-pandemic international conference

Sybiz hosts its first post-pandemic international conference Last week Sybiz hosted their first international conference since prior to the global pandemic. From 2020, Sybiz have been exclusively hosting these types of events online to reduce the need for travel.

These conferences are an invaluable time of information sharing and conversation about the development and future of Sybiz solutions for our Business Partners and staff alike.

The conference ran for 3 days between 9-11 February and offered our Partners a chance to interact with each other and our Sybiz staff face-to-face, as well as attending vital training, workshops, and having social time together.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Collaboration is Success”, placing emphasis on the value of the Sybiz community (our staff, Business Partners, and customers) working together as one in order to progress successfully into the future.

In light of this theme, Sybiz recognised Business Partners for their achievements in this area at our close of conference dinner party. This year, we warmly acknowledged Alphabiz Solutions and Ashcom Business Systems for their commitment to Sybiz customers, exceptional support management and dedication to keeping up with advancements in software and technology. We congratulate and thank both Alphabiz and Ashcom for their incredible efforts.

In addition to this, two more of our colleagues entered the renowned Sybiz Hall of Fame. Our very own Sybiz Channel Manager, Shane Rollas was inducted by past winner, Business Partner Tony Sheehan from Evolution Bites. Tony said this about Shane “his unwavering commitment to the channel, how he has looked after us, nurtured us, and tried to get the best out of us… I am very proud to have him as my channel manager”. Congratulations Shane and thank you for 19 years of dedicated service with Sybiz.

Sybiz CEO Grant Argy presented the second Sybiz Hall of Fame inductee award to Peter Coole from Alphabiz Solutions. Peter has been working both with and for Sybiz for 42 years, across multiple Business Partner entities in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Peter had this to say on acceptance, “I must admit that from the very first day I started working [in the industry and] with Sybiz solutions, I thought I was so lucky to be getting paid to do work that I really enjoyed”. Congratulations to Peter on this momentous achievement.

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