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Tax scales for 2017/18 available now

Tax scales for 2017/18 available now Tax scales for the 2017/18 financial year are available now in Sybiz Visipay.

After logging in to Sybiz Visipay you can hover over the Tax Scale Status icon in the top right corner to check the latest tax scales have been automatically downloaded.

When you finish your end of financial year processing and roll over into the new period, you will be prompted to apply the downloaded tax scales for the new year.

If you have employed any Working Holiday Makers who worked both prior to and after 31 Decemeber 2016, you may require assistance to be compliant with changes mandated by the Australian Tax Office.

Also, if you are claiming the S57A exemption with exceptions you must be on at least version 16.10 of Sybiz Visipay in order to produce a compliant payment summary.

You can find more information about managing end of financial year processing in Sybiz Visipay and changes to payment summaries this year by watching our recent webinar.

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