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What to know before upgrading to version 20.00

What to know before upgrading to version 20.00 Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay 20 have continued version 19’s evolution of technology changes. If you are planning on upgrading to Sybiz 20 from a version older than 19.00, there may be some additional requirements before installing. As always, we recommend you utilise the expertise of your Sybiz Business Partner to ensure any customisations and add-ons are ready for action prior to upgrading.

Possible Breakpoint behaviour changes
A small number of customers may be affected by changes in behaviour to some customised processes utilising Breakpoints. Your Sybiz Business Partner will be able to advise you if relevant when upgrading.

Technology updates for ESS
The technology behind Employee Self Service (ESS) was updated to MVC 5 (from MVC 3) in version 19. Please speak to your Business Partner prior to upgrading if you use Employee Self Service and are on a version of Sybiz Visipay older than 19.00.

Upgrades to Microsoft.NET Framework
Version 20 of Sybiz solutions utilise Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.6 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating. Older operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 20 (if upgrading from a version prior to 19.00).
 - Any workstations not already using .NET Framework 4.6 at the time of upgrade will prompt users to download additional files. This will be required on each individual workstation.
 - Any third-party integrations built using .NET Framework will need to be updated to be compatible with version 4.6. This is expected to be a reasonably simple process.
 - ‚ÄčThe move to MVC 5 may require additional files to be installed for Sybiz Visipay and Employee Self Service (ESS).

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003) and Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2) are not compatible with Sybiz 20 – Consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading.

A Windows 10 update causing issues with .NET Framework
A recent build of Windows 10 (version 1903) has been found to cause issues with .NET Framework, potentially impacting your Sybiz solution. Users are advised to not upgrade Windows 10 to version 1903 before consulting their Sybiz Authorised Business Partner.

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