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Who is the Sybiz Dealer of the Decade?

Who is the Sybiz Dealer of the Decade?

The Dealer of the Decade award has been introduced to coincide with Sybiz's 40th anniversary. It is a symbol of appreciation for our Business Partners' long term commitment to Sybiz. This award goes to an organisation that has gone above and beyond in their association with Sybiz over the past ten years.

We're very proud to announce the Dealer of the Decade is Visionaries!

Lynne McGrath founded Visionaries in 2002. Lynne, and current Managing Director Monica Boland, have worked tirelessly to become a leading provider of accounting, payroll and business software to small-medium enterprises not just across their home state, Victoria, but all over Australia.

Lynne has a long, storied history with Sybiz reaching all the way back to 1979 when she first started using our software - we were so impressed with her then, we even offered her a job! 
Monica began working with Lynne in 2000 at Business Accounting Systems (BAS). Monica went on maternity leave in December 2001 and when she was ready to come back to work in 2002, Lynne had started Visionaries and Monica joined the new team.

Visionaries has been a Sybiz Business Partner since its inception, and has earned a Sybiz award every year. In 2004 and 2006, Visionaries earned the triple honours of number one sales in Victoria, number one nationally and the Judy Leefson Shield for excellence in Customer Service and Support.

Lynne McGrath was also the first inductee into the Sybiz Hall of Fame.

With the dedication and commitment from Lynne, Monica and the rest of their team, Visionaries has excelled as a Sybiz Business Partner and we look forward to many more years with the team.

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