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Windows 11 and Sybiz solutions

Windows 11 and Sybiz solutions Microsoft Windows 11 is set to launch on 5 October 2021, around a month ahead of Sybiz’s own major release, Sybiz 22. This exciting release from Microsoft has been much anticipated by many Windows users. Some significant changes, such as a new look and feel, are coupled with an advance in back-end technology, meaning performance leaps and bounds are likely.

As many businesses make the move to this new technology, we are delighted to confirm that Windows 11 will be supported for Sybiz 22 with compatibility extending to some other later versions of Sybiz solutions.

Sybiz legacy (Classic) products however, will not be supported on this platform with development for them having ended in December 2020. With support ending for legacy products at the end of December 2021, anyone who has not yet upgraded to the new Sybiz Vision should speak to Sybiz or their Authorised Business Partner at their earliest convenience.

As with the new Windows release, the new Sybiz solutions are feature rich, but the changes are not only visible on the surface. Performance and user experience are constantly being improved with each Sybiz release.

These important, functional updates to technology serve as a reminder to stay up to date with the latest versions of software as they become available.

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