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GDPR will affect data privacy worldwide

Page last updated: 30/11/2017

The European Union has moved to update regulations protecting the personal information of its citizens when working in the digital space - the effects of which will touch businesses around the world.

Is it time your business had a check-up?

Page last updated: 10/11/2015

A healthy business relies on regular check-ups to make sure each part is in tip-top shape. And sometimes what was once a small issue, can eventually turn into a serious problem.

How will your business grow with the Internet of Things?

Page last updated: 16/05/2016

The Internet of Things is the next step in wireless connectivity; a digital ecosystem interconnecting people, objects and their environment.  

STP2 & EOFY 2022/23 Report

Page last updated: 10/06/2022

Sybiz Visipay 22.20 includes two custom reports to aid in the transition to both STP2 and the 2022/23 financial year. These reports can be run by clicking the Custom Reports tab at the base of the reports panel. The two custom reports are similar, the first version includes it...

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