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The Sybiz Employer Portal is used to complete your Single Touch Payroll reporting with the ATO. It offers a secure file transfer to the ATO, additional STP data validation, clear submission failure reports and an automatic retry function when ATO servers are down. You will also be able to see your STP data transfer history. 

Before continuing you will need to:

  • know the basic details of the businesses that you are signing up for, such as the ABN and address
  • estimate the amount of data records you'll submit through STP on a monthly basis (number of employees multiplied by number of pay runs) as this will determine the cost to use the service
  • be aware that once you've established your Sybiz Employer Portal account you need to wait at least 15 minutes before lodging your first submission to enable the backend systems to complete their initiation for your new account.

The entire process can be completed online and you do not need to: fill out any paper forms, advise the ATO that you're using Sybiz Visipay, have an Auskey, SSID or manually enter a BMS ID. You should download the brief instructions to help guide you through registration or watch our video guide.

If you have any questions regarding the Sybiz Employer Portal or Single Touch Payroll please see our Frequently Asked Questions

If you need assistance please contact us. Please do not contact SuperChoice (portal service providers).


Register for the Sybiz Employer Portal

To start the process, fill in the below form. You will then be transferred to the Sybiz Employer Portal to complete your registration - you will be asked for your ABN and email address again. Upon completing the registration process, record your username and password for the Sybiz Employer Portal as you will require these credentials each time you authorise an STP report.

How many messages (employees x number of pays) are you likely to transfer per month?:                         

(You will be billed from this date)

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