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Sybiz Vision 17.10

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New Features


New features in Service
Service has received significant functionality enhancements:

Meter Servicing
Meter servicing allows users to create service requests automatically, making it easier for recurring maintenance jobs to be scheduled and distributed to service technicians. (CR170533726)

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Meter Billing
Meter billing provides an automated way for service companies to easily generate recurring invoices. Meters linked to service items keep track of read time or usage. The meter reading or assigned schedule can then be used to raise service requests and/or service billing seamlessly. (CR170533726)

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Service Invoice Wizard
Users can generate sales invoices based on meter billings or service requests. Multiple consolidation options are available, by customer, service item or none. Users can choose to exclude specific items within the wizard or use filtering options. (CR140221257)

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Models expansion
Service Models have now been expanded to become the general source of information for service items of specific models. Known issues and resolutions, manuals, bulletins and documents can all be managed in a central location with easy access for service personnel.

Timesheets can now be used to record labour for service actions as well as jobs. To facilitate this, timesheets have a new line type and are accessible from both the jobs and service ribbons.

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Service Request Templates
Users can set up custom templates for recurring Service tasks, with pre-filled information helping to process service requests quickly and consistently.

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Service Action Templates
As with Service Requests, Service Actions are now able to be set up and processed as templates, reducing the need for repetitive data entry.

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Import non-sequential serial and lot numbers
Users now have the ability to import non-sequential serial and lot numbers from Excel spreadsheets using a simple drop down functionality when generating a sales transaction. (CR171035617)

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Manufacturing reversals
Incorrectly processed manufacturing issues against assemblies can now be reversed, allowing the allocation of stock, labour and other associated costs to be completely undone. (CR140421719)


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Service Item report expansion
Users are now able to select inactive items for inclusion in the report Service Item report.

See Service Request information
Service Items now utilise a dedicated enquiry screen. Service tasks can be actioned from the enquiry screen, along with convenient access to critical information. (CR170533937)

Added BIC Job Costing templates
Job Costing templates in the Business Intelligence Centre (BIC) have now been included for new installs. (CR170835050)

Special price alerts
A new column in sales transaction columns defines the type of price that has been utilised for the transaction line. (CR150826617)

Resize Wizard windows
Automatic Payment and Mass Update Wizard windows are now able to be resized to fit various screen sizes. (CR160328855)

Transaction screens show summary information on footers
A number of transaction screens (including but not limited to sales, purchases & jobs) have had footer totals enabled. In the sales & purchase transactions these totals represent the base quantity and may differ to the quantity actually entered. (CR170132420)

Responsive font sizes
Common databases font size are now responsive to font scaling over 100%. (CR170232764)

Barcodes on sales invoices
Product barcodes are now able to be added to sales invoices. (CR170132561)

Warning message improvements
Warning messages on service and job transaction lines now include more detail. (CR170935239)

Outstanding Purchase Order Report changes
The Line Type (also known as Account Type) has been included on the standard Outstanding Purchase Orders report. (CR171035543)

Add serial numbers using barcode scanning
Users now have the ability to add new serial numbers using barcode scanning when receiving new stock. (CR171135855)

User stamps on Leads and Opportunities
Users can now add a time and name stamp in leads and opportunities. (CR171135994)

Performance improvements in depreciation runs
Performance improvements have been made to depreciation runs where more than 1000 lines are being processed using the declining balance method. (CR171135890)

Landed costs on deliveries
Landed costs can now be applied to new purchase deliveries that have already been invoiced. (CR180136490)


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Fixes and Improvements

  • Customer Journals now correctly reset the offset method after processing. (CR180236570)

  • Custom grids can now create a new object or transaction via the right click option to add. (CR180236542)

  • A number of fixes for serial/ lot tracking in stock transfers and stocktake. (CR180236539, CR170734603, CR171236089, CR171035502)

  • Periodic bills now refresh prices correctly on opening and saving if non-fixed pricing is used. (CR180136264)

  • Values will no longer reset or raise broken rules when specific fields are entered out of order. (CR180236529, CR170935300)

  • Manufacturing bug fixes. (CR171236134, CR171236027)

  • Administrator rights are no longer required to split a job retention. (CR180236522)

  • Database improvements to support larger databases. (CR171236052, CR171236219, CR180136351)

  • Product balance constraint breach will no longer occur in stock transfers. (CR180236534)

  • Supplier offsets no longer display doubled values in offset column. (CR180136503)

  • Editing form layouts will no longer freeze Vision. (CR180136469)

  • Changes made to custom grids are now restored correctly. (CR171135803)

  • Sales transactions to head office accounts process without exception. (CR171135727, CR171135721, CR171135688)

  • AmbiguousMatchException removed from all transactions. (CR171035653)

  • Cashbook lines that disabled printing at the line level now allow reprint. (CR171035534)

  • Sybiz Vision Classic Conversion Improvements. (CR171035408, CR180136422)

  • Projects can now be deactivated even with sub-projects. (CR170835115)

  • Service grid now uses caching mechanism to refresh faster and correctly. (CR180136375)

  • Custom panels created prior to version 17.00 will no longer prevent upgrade to 17.00 or higher from failing. (CR171236240)

  • Custom fields are now available on the CRM case file report. (CR171236152)

  • Live exchange rates now working correctly. (CR171236119)

  • Tax period calculation sheet for NZ databases calculates correctly. (CR170433564)

  • Service item selection now works with barcode readers, additional support coming in future release. (CR171236053)

  • Pay & Process no longer allows negative amounts to be entered on account. (CR171135861)

  • Finance charges now work when using finance charge automatic numbering. (CR171135857)

  • Bank reconciliation now allows processing even if opening & closing balance are the same. (CR170834985)

  • Product prices now support up to 5 decimals and priority is given if price is entered inclusive or exclusive. (CR170734587)

  • ​The remarks field has been removed for consistency across all main grids. (CR180136372)


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