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Sybiz Vision 22.22

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Important Information

Microsoft.NET Framework upgrade
Version 22+ of Sybiz Vision utilises Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.8 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating. Some custom add-ons may require updating prior to upgrading to Sybiz 22+. Some older supported operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 22. This update will not affect Microsoft SQL Server but may impact servers running Web API.

Any customers on a Microsoft.NET Framework prior to version 4.8 may not be able to web update. We recommend having Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.8 installed and ready prior to upgrading to Sybiz version 22+ to prevent any complications.

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003), Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2), and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 are not compatible with Sybiz 22.22 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading. Microsoft Windows 11 is supported for Sybiz 22+ with compatibility extending to some other later versions of Sybiz solutions.

DevExpress upgrade
Version 22.21 of Sybiz Vision utilises DevExpress version



New security rights for password and user state resets
New security rights have been created to allow specific users (other than Administrators) the ability to reset user passwords and user states in Sybiz Vision. These two new security rights are separate and can be configured for individual roles, allowing more flexibility with security management. (CR210445995)

Improvements to Stocktake Management
A new export option is now available which enables users to export all lines from a stocktake into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can be edited and then reimported back into Sybiz Vision. In addition, a location selection is now required when creating a stocktake in databases with multiple locations to reduce user error with the previous default location behaviour. (CR2106646357, CR210446111)

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Landed Costs copied with Stock Transfer
Now when a user creates a Stock Transfer that has Landed Costs using 'New From', the Landed Costs also copy to the newly created Stock Transfer, saving users additional time and effort. (CR211046993)

Sales Representative shown in standard Jobs grids
A new column has been added to the standard Jobs grid that displays the allocated sales representative for a specific job, giving more information to users on the fly. (CR2203-0433)

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Net Price Exclusive shown on enquiry screens
A new column that displays Net Price Exclusive, taking into account discounts applied, has been added to enquiry screens. This information was previously only available on sales transaction screens and removes the need for manual calculation from enquiry screens. (CR2202-0252)

Multi-select transactions in Purchase Management
The multi-select functionality you already love in Sales Management is now available in Purchase Management. Users can now group and multi-select transactions and easily convert purchase orders and deliveries into invoices, for example. Users can right-mouse click on the group header to consolidate, or you can select multiples by right-mouse clicking outside of the group. (CR210646313)

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Documents can be edited and saved from transactions
Documents in the Document Store now allow a local copy to be saved anywhere on your machine, allowing users to be able to edit and save these documents in the designated program, such as Microsoft Excel. The 'Edit' option in the menu has now been changed to 'Open' to reflect this change. (CR211147135)

Purchase Requisition status visible on the transaction
The status of a purchase requisition is now displayed on the transaction screen in addition to the Purchase Requisition Management screen in read-only format, making it easier for users to see the stage of a requisition. (CR2111046992)

Weight and volume columns in transaction lines
New weight and volume columns have been added as line options for sales and purchase transactions. These values are represented on a per unit basis to give users added information at a glance and additional flexibility with conditional formatting to highlight excessive weights and volumes. (CR210446133)

Profitability information in Service transactions
New read-only columns have been added to Service transactions that can display profitability information including Gross Margin, Margin %, and Markup %. These new columns are tied to security rights under Sales > Debtors that allow administrators to manage what roles can view this information and are functional with custom formatting options. (CR211147160)

View clearing status of Pay & Process accounts
Users are now able to view the status information of clearing accounts that have been used for Pay & Process directly from the General Ledger enquiry screen. This new option gives users the ability to drill down on the transaction and view whether it has been cleared, when and by which user. (CR210846784)

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Templates no longer mandate a location
All templates in Sybiz Vision no longer mandate a location on set up. This allows default locations for customers or suppliers to be populated when utilising the templates, rather than amending them after the fact. This change affects all templates, including Jobs and Service. (CR210546157)

Improved cleanse systems for invalid records
Cleanse wizards will now continue processing when errors are encountered. On completion of possible cleansed records, an overview of any errors will be displayed for users to review and manage. (CR210445996)

Tax Manager updates for UK businesses
To help UK businesses more effectively manage their unique VAT requirements, Tax Boxes 1 & 4 now read information from GL accounts in Sybiz Vision. This change allows UK businesses to process postings to General Ledger accounts for more accurate VAT returns. (CR210846790)


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Fixes and Improvements

  • Serial Tracked JS lines post to ic.SerialNumber accurately. (CR2208-1005)

  • Saving a cashbook in Transaction mode no longer leads to offset amount loading as deposit amount. (CR2208-1011)

  • Sales Credits of JC lines post negative cost amount to trn.PostJI as expected. (CR2208-1008)

  • Sales Orders created via mobile app now have invoice/delivery customer set, allowing related functions to be used as intended. (CR2207-0946)

  • Lot tracked items with negative lots can be included in stocktakes. (CR2206-0816)

  • Bank feeds no longer results in 'object reference not set error' when fetching. (CR2206-0810)

  • Loading a sales order which has used a Sales Template with Always Use Template Prices enabled no longer results in an error. (CR2206-0784)

  • Job estimates cost and charge now reflect quantity when using templates. (CR2206-0788)

  • Adding multiple lines of the same item without a location in job estimate leads now behaves as expected. (CR2206-0793)

  • Purchase template location selection no longer errors when more UOMs than locations exist. (CR2204-0470)

  • Auto offsetting a single invoice no longer defaults to the full amount when in transaction mode. (CR2205-0691)

  • Bank feed transactions with a short description of over 100 characters are now truncated. (CR2205-0584)

  • Improvements made to how purchase requisitions assign next approver. (CR2205-0651, CR2204-0478)

  • Changes have been made to timesheet calculations which prevented offsetting in certain instances. (CR2204-0479)

  • Changes to postings when purchase deliveries occur and stock is in negative and invoiced at a later point. (CR2202-0232)

  • Changing product posting method now allowed even if transactions exit in mass update. (CR2204-0537)

  • The loading time when creating a new product when over 100 active locations are in use has been improved. (CR2204-0531)

  • Creating a service request in a blocked period through meter servicing is now allowed. (CR2204-0544)

  • Custom pivots allow the use of excel style filtering. (CR2205-0579)

  • Dark mode skins display correctly in fixed assets. (CR2203-0444)

  • Loading a saved cashbook with split lines no longer errors when projects are mandated. (CR2204-0486)

  • Location information can now be edited when poting by product group only. (CR2204-0535)

  • Mass update wizard now filters optional fields as expected. (CR2203-0325)

  • Mass update wizards now work with boolean and enumeration fields as expected. (CR210245508)

  • Mobile app various fixes and improvements. (CR2204-0543, CR2205-0557, CR2201-0137)

  • Notes on customers, suppliers, products, etc can now be copied when user doesn't have edit rights. (CR2205-0573)

  • Sending a transaction document that creates an Excel Spreadsheet can now be recreated as expected. (CR2203-0360)

  • The active column now displays the value from the job. (CR2205-0642)

  • The product significance report can now be run as expected. (CR2206-0701)

  • The special prices and discount report displays the correct sort code. (CR2202-0249)

  • The user name written to the application log and other locations now ignores the way it is entered on the login screen by the user. (CR2204-0542)

  • Total Qty Manufacturable now displays the expected value. (CR2205-0640)

  • Users with delivery only rights can now raise sales deliveries from the sales order management tab. (CR2205-0678)

  • When creating a structure the mask functionality restored. (CR2205-0593)

  • When deleting a user, friender messages as to why they cannot be removed presented. (CR2203-0332)

  • When using a job estimate as the source document for job costs, assembly items use expected cost values. (CR2203-0322)

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