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Sybiz Visipay 22.00

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Important Information

Changes to main file menus
Company Detail maintenance options (Company) have now been separated from email and other common setting options (Settings) in the main file menus in Sybiz Visipay.  Jump to enhancements for more information. (CR190942075)

Quarterly superannuation threshold checkbox option
If employee staff types are set to allocate super on a fixed basis, the 'Quarterly Superannuation Threshold Applies' checkbox should not be ticked or super could calculate incorrectly. The figure represented in the 'amount' field for staff types paid on a fixed basis has also changed from a per period amount to a per annum amount. (CR190540838)

$450 minimum monthly superannuation threshold change
Although slated to be discontinued in the near future the option to apply a $450 minimum monthly earning threshold before paying superannuation has been extended to apply to all employees (via staff types), irrespective of their nature of employment. Previously, Sybiz Visipay only applied this to casual employees. (CR160328877)

A new Web Service for Visipay ESS
Sybiz Visipay’s Employee Self Service and Web Service modules have been merged into one combined module in Sybiz 22, encompassing a brand new Web Service. This change simplifies configuration, implementations and upgrades going forward.
Customers who use the Web Service to power the Visipay ESS app will need to change the URL used in the mobile application for each user to move to the new Web Service, your Sybiz Authorised Business Partner can assist. The ESS mobile app has been designed to handle the current Web Service and the new combined Web Service so there will be some time for existing users to migrate across before the old Web Service is discontinued, however we still recommend upgrading as soon as possible.

Microsoft.NET Framework upgrade
Version 22.00 of Sybiz Visipay utilises Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.8 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating. Some custom add-ons may require updating prior to upgrading to Sybiz 22. Some older supported operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 22. This update will not affect Microsoft SQL Server but may impact servers running Sybiz Visipay Employee Self Service (ESS).

Any customers on a Microsoft.NET Framework prior to version 4.8 may not be able to web update. We recommend having Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.8 installed and ready prior to upgrading to Sybiz version 22.00 to prevent any complications.

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003) and Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2) are not compatible with Sybiz 22.00 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading.

Microsoft Windows 11 is supported for Sybiz 22 with compatibility extending to some other later versions of Sybiz solutions.

DevExpress upgrade
Version 22.00 of Sybiz Visipay utilises DevExpress version 21.2.3.


New Features

Connect where you need to with mobile solutions for Sybiz Visipay
Since late 2020 Sybiz has introduced a number of new mobile applications, including a completely rebuilt Visipay ESS app, so our users can take their software on the road and connect like never before. All current Sybiz mobile apps are available on both Apple and Google Play app stores now.

Employee Self Service on the go
Sybiz's ESS capability is available on Android and iOS devices. The Sybiz Visipay ESS app gives employers and employees leave management and payslip history in a secure, personalised experience. With dedicated functionality for both staff and approval managers, Sybiz's ESS app is an all-in-one leave management resource that makes working from home and adapting to our changing business environment easier for payroll managers and their staff.

Clock in with Timesheets!
All new Timesheet Management functionality has arrived in Sybiz Visipay. Accessible from Employee Self Service (ESS), staff can now enter, approve and import timesheet data directly into Sybiz Visipay. Tailor your Timesheet processes with easily customisable settings, giving payroll and management staff even more control over an increasingly remote workforce.

The following video outlines setting up and using Timesheet Management in Sybiz Visipay.

The next video demonstrates how Timesheet Management looks in the Sybiz Employee Self Service Portal and how to import Timesheets for processing pays in Sybiz Visipay.




Getting ready for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 (STP2)
Sybiz has been granted a deferral to the official start date of the Single Touch Payroll phase 2 (STP2) for Sybiz Visipay, and while users may not notice major changes for STP2 in this release, work has already begun behind the scenes to achieve these new requirements seamlessly and to a high standard, as was done with the first rollout of STP back in 2018.

Current users of Sybiz Visipay will be exempt from reporting STP2 until 1 July 2022, instead of the mandated 1 January 2022. The important thing for our Sybiz Visipay customers to keep in mind is that there is nothing you need to do, and this deferral will automatically apply to Sybiz Visipay users. The only reason you will need to apply for a separate employer deferral is if you believe you will be unable to meet your STP2 obligations from 1 July 2022.

Reduce the likelihood of duplicate submissions for STP
Single Touch Payroll (STP) submissions in Sybiz Visipay now exclude payslips that have already been processed from being re-submitted in future STP pay events, giving users more confidence to re-submit STP reporting when required without duplicating data. (CR180838636)

Automatic part day calculations for Visipay ESS mobile app
Sybiz's Employee Self Service application for mobile, Visipay ESS, now supports users that apply for leave in days or hours, with either option automatically calculating the other. This enhancement is available on both the Android and iOS versions. (CR160730408)

Days left displayed on Visipay ESS mobile app
Day(s) left for the leave type requested now display on new leave requests, making it easier for applicants to see how much leave they are able to request without going into negative.

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New Leave Management templates
Editable email templates are now available in Sybiz Visipay for Leave Management related emails. Users can now update email content for employee leave requested, approved and rejected emails. (CR140923171)

New archived payslip purge
A new option has been added to the payslip archive configuration which will allow an administrator to set what period of time archived payslips are to be kept in the system before they are permanently deleted. This new option could free up vital disk space and speed up data back-ups, improving overall performance.

Salary sacrifice for employee allowances
Employee allowances can now be included in salary sacrifices with an easy checkbox option. (CR160630017)

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Warnings on timesheet imports with existing unprocessed records
A warning is now shown when importing a .csv Timesheet file with unposted timesheet records to help users better identify and reduce duplicate information being imported. (CR180938858)

Changes to pay profiles in Application Log
When changes are made to pay profiles in Sybiz Visipay an entry is now made in the Application Log for greater clarity over changes made to employee details. (CR190340418)

Improved security for Company Details
Company Detail maintenance options (Company) have now been separated from email and other common setting options (Settings) in the main file menus in Sybiz Visipay. This menu separation will provide a deeper level of permission options to separate users from being able to access and edit company level email, skin and language options and change company specific information such as banking details. (CR190942075)

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Informative notices for database and server versions
A new notice system in the status bar of Sybiz Visipay will display new warning or error icons for potential issues with database and server versions. This new enhancement will help end users stay more informed about minimum database and server version requirements. (CR210846664)

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Improvements to product help file 
Sybiz Visipay users will see improvements to the help file in version 22. The help file now opens to the specific section where the F1 key is pressed. (CR210846711)

Banking imports now support amount and allocation percentages
Users are now able to include amount and allocation percentages against bank account detail imports in Sybiz Visipay, allowing easier payment to employees across multiple bank accounts. (CR170834893)

Matching Leave Calendar colour schemes
The colour scheme in the Leave Calendar in Sybiz Visipay now matches the colour scheme of the Employee Self Service web Portal, for easier at-a-glance viewing. (CR210846746)

Improved Payment Summary Reconciliation Reports
The Payment Summary Reconciliation report is now consistent with Payment Summaries with regards to Lump Sum D. (CR180638001)

SybizSuper export versions 1 and 2 retired
Versions 1 and 2 of the SybizSuper export have now been retired along with the old SybizSuper Portal, giving users more clarity over super export versions for the new Sybiz Employer Portal. (CR190841927)

Microsoft Windows 11 compatibility
Sybiz solutions remain compatible with the latest technology and support newly launched operating system Windows 11, including display changes such as rounded borders.


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Fixes and Improvements

  • References to AUSkey have been removed and replaced with 'machine credential' now that AUSkey has been decommissioned. (CR191242805)

  • Adding a timesheet for approval will now behave correctly when a pay item doesn't exist for the given employee. (CR210846719)

  • Age classifications prevent saving if the staff type has not been added. (CR210746561)

  • The change log no longer displays data related to leave that is not related to a specific employee. (CR210345794)

  • The ability to ignore tax scale updates has been removed, helping prevent users from not applying tax scales when required. (CR180738276)

  • Employees paid overtime only as their final pay that causes them to exceed the $450 now have ESG calculated as expected. (CR190540792)

  • Users with limited rights will no longer experience an error when attempting to hide the reports panel. (CR200243231)

  • Allowances with a sum of $0 will now be ignored for STP purposes. (CR190741317)

  • Date selection within the ESS Portal must be done using date picker control and cannot be typed. (CR211046949)

  • Payroll journal lines now round per transaction date instead of the entire batch. (CR210846800)

  • Employees not paid will no longer be included in an STP pay event. An STP update event must now be used. (CR201245196)

  • Department costing after timesheet import now displays correctly. (CR200443520)

  • The default location for exporting files now caches to the last place a file was saved, rather than the Documents folder. (CR210946936)

  • Numerous improvements have been made to the Visipay ESS mobile application. (CR210245415, CR210145318, CR210145311)

  • Some other minor fixes have been included in this release of Sybiz Visipay. (CR200743991, CR190540872)


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