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Get ready to discover the value within Sybiz 24

Get ready to discover the value within Sybiz 24 Sybiz is preparing to release the latest major updates to our chief ERP and HCM solutions Sybiz
Vision and Sybiz Visipay, version 24, this November.

This year, Sybiz would like you to take a deep dive into your solutions and discover the full potential
for your business. In addition to the launch of our highly anticipated Vision Service mobile app, Sybiz
24 boasts updates to streamline job and service functions, increase in the number of active financial
years, expansion of search capabilities, and enhancements to improve performance for those using
diverse environments, along with much more.

To showcase the latest release, Sybiz will be hosting a webinar to preview the new features and
functionality being made available in Sybiz 24 and help you discover the value within.

You can register now to join our webinar on Friday 8 December, 11:30am Australian Central Daylight
Time (ACDT - Adelaide)

If you require any assistance attending our webinar sessions, check our help page or feel free
to contact us.

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