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Get ready to see Sybiz 23

Get ready to see Sybiz 23 Sybiz is getting ready for the latest major release of our leading ERP and HCM solutions Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay, version 23, this November.

Sybiz has always been focused on the security of our solutions and the ability for our customers to be able to have autonomy over what users can access and change certain information in our systems. This year, security rights become even more dynamic. Sybiz 23 delivers major upgrades to the way employees can view, edit, and manage system data as well as enhanced password security and management.

As well as a suite of other new features and enhancements, Sybiz 23 also brings Advanced Service Management and service workflows for the all-new Service mobile app coming soon.

Sybiz 23 feature preview webinar

The Sybiz 23 webinar will preview these features and some of the other exciting new functionality we’ve been developing this year.

You can register now to join our webinar on Friday 2 December, 11:30am Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT - Adelaide). 

If you require any assistance attending our webinar sessions, check our help page or feel free to contact us.

Sybiz 23 minimum Microsoft SQL version

In addition to new functionality and enhancements across our packages, this year our minimum software requirements will also be changing.

Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay version 23.00+ will require a minimum version of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 to function. To ensure compatibility levels are met, a message will display on upgrade if the user’s minimum requirements fall outside of this scope.

We recommend that anyone upgrading their Microsoft SQL Server in advance of Sybiz version 23, upgrades to the latest version available at the time, rather than to the minimum supported version, for not only greater longevity but also better performance capabilities.

Keeping on top of back-end technology updates is important for performance, but also for security. With a big focus on security and data protection from government agencies and within this new Sybiz release, it is fitting that the minimum requirements for Sybiz solutions are raised to a more current version to help better protect our users.

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