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New minimum versions for Sybiz 23

New minimum versions for Sybiz 23 Sybiz are pleased to announce that the scheduled annual software updates for Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay are on track for release this November.

With advanced service management functions and extensions to security features and password management, Sybiz 23 is set to be an exciting upgrade for our customers.

In addition to new functionality and enhancements across our packages, this year our minimum software requirements will also be changing.

Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay version 23.00+ will require a minimum version of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 to function. To ensure compatibility levels are met, a message will display on upgrade if the user’s minimum requirements fall outside of this scope.

We recommend that anyone upgrading their Microsoft SQL Server in advance of Sybiz version 23, upgrades to the latest version available at the time, rather than to the minimum supported version, for not only greater longevity but also better performance capabilities.

Sybiz customers can check their current system settings using a new notice system introduced in version 22. The notice system is located in the status bar of Sybiz Vision and Visipay and will display new warning or error icons for potential issues with database and server versions. This enhancement helps end users stay more informed about minimum database and server version requirements and help reduce any potential disruption.

Keeping on top of back-end technology updates is important for performance, but also for security. With a big focus on security and data protection from government agencies and within this new Sybiz release, it is fitting that the minimum requirements for Sybiz solutions are raised to a more current version to help better protect our users.

Appropriately securing the solutions that drive your operational performance every day should be a matter of importance for every business. Choosing to host your Sybiz solution in the cloud can take the worry out of managing server and database requirements, as well as Sybiz software upgrades.

With a Sybiz Cloud hosted solution, these back-end technology updates are taken care of behind the scenes. To learn more about hosting your Sybiz solution in the cloud, consult with our team.

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