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Sybiz Vision 22.00

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Important Information

Changes to main file menus
Company Detail maintenance options (Company) have now been separated from email and other common setting options (Settings) in the main file menus in Sybiz Vision.  Jump to enhancements for more information. (CR190942075)

Manufacture on delivery assembly improvements
From Sybiz Vision 22.00, when an assembly is returned via a sales return, if it is checked for ‘manufacture on delivery’ but not ‘explodable on return to stock’ it will be returned as a finished good, regardless of the settings on the sub-components. Jump to enhancements for more information. (CR201044776)

Changes to Product Search display
The Product Search now displays inactive products by default. (CR210746547)

Change to group references behaviour in Cashbook
The group reference field is no longer a required field for deposits. Instead, a warning will be presented. (CR160529600) 
If bank feeds are in use then the group reference should be used for both deposits and payments in the event that the bank shows a single line for a batch of deposits and a single line for a batch of payments.

Microsoft.NET Framework upgrade
Version 22.00 of Sybiz Vision utilises Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.8 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating. Some custom add-ons may require updating prior to upgrading to Sybiz 22. Some older supported operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 22. This update will not affect Microsoft SQL Server but may impact servers running Web API.

Any customers on a Microsoft.NET Framework prior to version 4.8 may not be able to web update. We recommend having Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.8 installed and ready prior to upgrading to Sybiz version 22.00 to prevent any complications.

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003) and Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2) are not compatible with Sybiz 22.00 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading. Microsoft Windows 11 is supported for Sybiz 22 with compatibility extending to some other later versions of Sybiz solutions.

DevExpress upgrade
Version 22.00 of Sybiz Vision utilises DevExpress version 21.2.3.



New Features

Cashbook processing automation with Bank Feeds
Customers in Australia and New Zealand can now automate their cashbook processing with Bank Feeds in Sybiz Vision!

Bank Feeds allows users to securely link and process incoming and outgoing transactions in their bank statement directly with transactions in Sybiz Vision. Users can create rules on the fly to efficiently match bank records to existing transactions through dollar amounts or payment references, or create new transactions for items originating at the bank but not yet in the cashbook. For example, bank fees or customer direct deposits.

Once authorised and configured for your unique business practices and needs, cashbook automation could save your accounting staff hours in manual processing. (CR160529600)


New options for General Ledger accrual posting accounts
New options for general ledger accrual posting accounts are now available for Jobs and Service, giving users a greater level of flexibility in general ledger reporting over and above the existing periodic posting options. The new matching approach available, if configured, will allow the cost of sales not yet invoiced to be allocated to an accrual account until the sales invoice or equivalent is processed. Upon invoicing, postings will be transferred to the relevant accounts and be included in profit and loss reporting. (CR210245564)

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Connect where you need to with dedicated mobile apps for Sybiz Vision
Since late 2020, Sybiz has introduced a number of mobile applications so Vision users can take their software on the road and connect like never before. All current Sybiz mobile apps are available on both Apple and Google Play app stores now.

Vision Sales mobile app
Taking the best features of Sybiz Vision’s sales orders and quoting functionality, users can create, manage, process and drill down into transactions to deliver faster, more personalised customer service from their smart device. Sybiz mobile solutions are directly linked to your Sybiz Vision database, giving you instant access to your data when face to face with customers.


Vision Purchase mobile app
Following on from the release of Vision Sales in 2020, Sybiz Vision's Purchase app allows users to initiate a purchasing process from anywhere. Order the supplies and inventory your business needs while you're on the move. Utilising features from Sybiz Vision’s creditors functionality, users can create, edit, save, process and send purchase orders directly from their smart device or add, approve and reject purchase requisitions with a swipe of a finger. Sybiz mobile solutions are directly linked to your Sybiz Vision database, giving you instant access to your data when face to face with suppliers.


Vision Stock mobile app
Enable warehouse staff to complete paperless stocktakes and sales picks with Sybiz Vision's dedicated Stock mobile app Vision Stock. Complete or save stocktakes in progress directly into your Sybiz Vision database. Staff can securely work on stocktakes from their individual mobile devices, reducing printed paperwork and double handling of data.  Sales picks are simple; users can clearly see the status of sales picks that are ready for picking or currently in progress, processing them direct from the warehouse to Sybiz Vision on an intuitive touch interface. Notes and any potential shortage reasons can be recorded against the pick simply, then print only when needed or email straight from the app.



Vision Jobs mobile app
Available since October 2021, Sybiz Vision Jobs users can manage their jobs on the job or from anywhere they might be with the brand new Vision Jobs mobile app. View job details, costs, purchase orders and appointments allocated to each job on your books. Never miss a detail - create, edit, process and send additional costs, timesheets, appointments and purchase orders all while still on-site.

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Web API is now complete!
Web API version 2.0 for Sybiz Vision is now functionally complete and able to support practically every transaction type Sybiz solutions offer, with the final update including CRM objects. Web API expands the possibilities of your Sybiz Vision solution and lets users take advantage of our new mobile apps. (CR180136352)

Web API is a framework that enables secure access to Sybiz Vision data and transaction processing engine via the HTTP standard, allowing you to connect your solution to additional devices such as tablets, mobile, point of sale machines and more. Achieve more with Sybiz Vision than you ever imagined possible.

Convert sales orders, invoices and quotes
A handy new button under Options in the sales transaction ribbon bar allows users to convert sales orders and invoices to quotes before they have been saved or processed. The same can be done in reverse, making internal processes even more efficient. (CR210345643)

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Create new sales transactions based on the lines of existing sales transactions
Sybiz Vision users can now base new sales transactions on one or many other existing sales transactions, speeding up the process of sales interactions in front of house and back office. 

All sales transactions in Sybiz Vision can simply copy line items from another existing sales transactions without affecting the original transaction. Similar to using a template, users can raise a credit based on an unrelated invoice, for example, without connecting the two transactions in any way or creating a template, making new transactions even quicker to process. (CR210345643)

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Easily cancel or delete orders
Users can now cancel or delete sales and purchase orders directly from the relevant order screen without having to run the cleanse order wizard, with a new right-click option for easy access. This will enable users to quickly delete orders one at a time when required. (CR210946918)

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Overall performance improvements to sales order grids
The overall performance of sales order grids has been improved, including enhancements to speed when processing large amounts of data. (CR210846739)

Suspend until date for preferred suppliers
A 'suspend until date' has now been added for preferred suppliers, allowing users to temporarily suspend purchase orders for preferred suppliers of certain products. If this option is used, the supplier will not be suggested by default before the suspend date but can still be used for manual ordering, with a warning keeping users informed. (CR210946919)

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Transaction document prefix and suffix customisation
Users now have the ability to remove the generated prefix and/or suffix from transactions when sending them via email. The prefix identifies the type of transaction (for example, SINV12345 for a sales invoice), while a suffix may be included when re-sending a transaction (for example, SINV12345-COPY). These settings can be adjusted on a per transaction basis, giving users even more freedom to customise transaction emails. (CR210245513)

Signature extensions to email templates
Make emails more personal with all new email signatures in Sybiz Vision. Rich-text email signatures can be added on per user basis for use on email templates. By default, user signatures are turned off, but can be added easily by ticking the new 'Add Signature' checkbox on each relevant email template. (CR161232099)

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Extended flexibility for assemblies with line notes
Users are now able to add line notes, such as basic recipe instructions, to first-level assemblies on manufacture orders. This new addition allows users to include specific information about particular assemblies on a per component level. Notes added then become part of the recipe definition for that order, extending more flexibility for custom manufacturing. Notes are optional and can be configured in settings. Once activated, notes are saved to the user state and can be seen in reports. (CR170333343)

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Fulfil manufacture orders on an individual basis
With new filtering options in Manufacturing Work Order Management, users can now transfer stock required for single or multiple selected work items and orders rather than all at once, allowing for even more flexibility with stock fulfilment and inventory level management. (CR190942257)

Manufacture on delivery assembly improvements
Improvements have been made to assembly functionality to provide greater flexibility and to better represent individual items grouped together at the time of sale. From Sybiz Vision 22.00, when an assembly is returned via a sales return, if it is checked for ‘manufacture on delivery’ but not ‘explodable on return to stock’ it will be returned as a finished good, regardless of the settings on the sub-components.

The current behaviour of ‘explodable on return to stock’ with respect to items that are set to ‘manufacture on delivery’ is that whether checked or unchecked everything is treated as explodable on return. Previously this combination would break down any assembly based on its recipe. If you are using this function, we recommend a review of your current ‘manufacture on delivery’ assembly configurations with your Business Partner to ensure no unexpected outcomes. (CR201044776)

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More informed product locations
Information such as contact, address and inwards and outwards good instructions can now be added to product locations in Sybiz Vision. This new enhancement helps further automate the purchasing process and keeps suppliers more informed by enabling users to include these important details on purchase transactions. (CR160931154)

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Enquire on products from Stocktake screen
Users can now right mouse click to enquire on products directly from the Stocktake screen for seamless interaction. (CR200443575)

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Separate options for Purchase and Sales Price Precision
Inventory defaults now have separate settings for Purchase Price Precision and Sales Price Precision for more clarity and consistent rounding across purchasing. (CR200643729)

Easy access information in Job and Service Scheduler
Users are now able to quickly access more information about Job and Service requests directly from the Scheduler with a new right-click enquire option available. (CR190641217)

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Streamline purchase orders job to job
Ramp up job efficiency with Purchase Templates that now support Job Costing and Service Requests. With the option to make templates job-specific, users can now easily add job and service lines to purchase transactions and further integrate between the functionalities in Sybiz Vision. New fields have also been added to the column chooser to support stage, cost centre, cost category and charge information on these transactions. (CR170835073)

Job Cost viewer shows subtotals for quantities in base
The Job Cost viewer standard grid now shows subtotals for quantities in base, including all numerical fields for grouped items. A Unit of Measure column has also been added to assist with clarity of subtotals displayed. (CR210846735)

Record expenses for service requests
Users are now able to quickly record service expenses and receipts for service requests through the Cashbook in Sybiz Vision with new Service (SV) lines available.  (CR210345704)

Improved security for Company Details
Company Detail maintenance options (Company) have now been separated from email and other common setting options (Settings) in the main file menus in Sybiz Vision. This menu separation will provide a deeper level of permission options to separate users from being able to access and edit company level email, skin and language options and change company specific information such as banking details. (CR190942075)

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Email notifications for Purchase Requisitions
Now, when the status of a Purchase Requisition changes, emails can be sent to the users involved in the process. On creation, an email can be sent to the next approver in the group line, as well as the creator, to help notify staff that may not work in Sybiz Vision every day. Email notifications can also be sent to the creator and approvers when the status changes from pending to approved or rejected. Email templates for these notifications can be configured easily in Sybiz Vision in the same way as other transactions. (CR180336947, CR170132572)

Multiple approval groups for Purchase Requisitions
Sybiz Vision users are now able to be added to multiple approval groups for Purchase Requisitions, creating more comprehensive control over purchasing processes. Once configured, this exciting enhancement will allow users to pick which approval process they want to use for different types of purchases.

Simply select the appropriate approval group from a drop-down menu when creating a Purchase Requisition.  If a user is only allocated to one approval group as in other versions of Sybiz Vision, the setting will default to that group as per the previous behaviour. Improvements have also been made to the configuration of approval groups with specific approval order allocation and required/non-required approvers.

The ability to select an approval group will be included in the Vision Purchase mobile application. (CR180236688)

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Re-open a lead or opportunity in a closed state
New security rights are now available for CRM users that enable users to re-open closed or lost leads and opportunities, giving sales and administration staff more sales management fluidity. As part of this enhancement, users can also revert opportunities back into leads, removing the opportunity created on the initial conversion to keep sales records clean and clear.

Closed or lost leads and opportunities have no expiry, meaning they can be re-opened or closed again at any time, multiple times if required. (CR210345783)

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Export drilled down custom pivots
Custom pivots now support the exporting function when grids have been drilled down into further, allowing information to be exported in your preferred format direct from Sybiz Vision. (CR210846768)

Improved embedded web page performance
Internet browsers for embedded web pages in Sybiz Vision have been upgraded from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge, providing better performance for web based pages and content. (CR210846642)

Informative notices for database and server versions
A new notice system in the status bar of Sybiz Vision will display new warning or error icons for potential issues with database and server versions. This new enhancement will help end users stay more informed about minimum database and server version requirements. (CR210846663) 

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Microsoft Windows 11 compatibility
Sybiz solutions remain compatible with the latest technology and support newly launched operating system Windows 11, including display changes such as rounded borders.

Improvements to reporting across the board
Reporting in Sybiz Vision 22 has had significant improvements throughout the software, including two brand new standard reports out of the box.

New Purchase Price Variance report
A new Purchase Price Variance report has been added to the standard report list available in the Creditors Ledger. This report is useful for users who wish to report on the difference between the actual purchase price and the standard price. (CR201044642)

Job Summary report improvements
The Job Summary report has had Future Cost added to help users compare WIP to the balance sheet.  (CR170834871)

Extended description fields in the inventory transaction history report filter
The Inventory Transaction History report now has extended description fields in the drop-down menu selection to accommodate longer product names. (CR190139892)

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Improvements to Inventory Reports
Product Bins can now be included in the Product Catalogue report in the Inventory Ledger through customisation, giving users easy access to additional information when desired. (CR200543686)

Statement workflow improvements
When sending statements via email, the statement wizard will now continue if an error occurs such as a power or internet disconnection. If an error does occur, users can now print or export a list of any statements that are outstanding and re-run the wizard for those affected. (CR200744165)

Email statements as different file types
The Customer Statement Run Wizard now allows users the flexibility to use different templates for emailing per customer, including the ability to choose different file types to be sent as attachments. (CR210846778)

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Company specific information on reports
Custom fields can now be added to reports at a company level, enabling company specific information such as certification numbers, license numbers and other important and industry specific data to be displayed on report documentation where required. (CR190942075)

New form for Papua New Guinea companies
Companies operating in PNG now have a new form available for Business Activity Statements (BAS). (CR160730410, CR170834967)

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Fixes and Improvements

  • The jc.Address table has been renamed to cm.StaffAddress and is now contained in the cm schema. This change may affect third-party developers, however there is a view of the original name and contents that should reduce consequences. (CR190340336)

  • Multiple changes have been made to the gross profit reports. (CR190540797, CR190741374)

  • Creating an appointment will now automatically refresh any service request grids that are open. (CR200744170)

  • A unit of measure can no longer be removed from a product if there are outstanding orders. (CR200744244)

  • The Product Group can now be changed through mass update wizard. (CR200844320)

  • Conversions from Vision Classic now convert reminders in the next calendar year correctly. (CR200844393)

  • The tracking button is now disabled on processed stocktakes. (CR200844401)

  • FIFO & LIFO products can now have their unit cost updated if stock movement occurs through import. (CR201245040)

  • Creating a new CRM Activity via drag and drop support with Microsoft Outlook will retain existing external links. (CR201245068)

  • The error received on some machines when creating a new email to do with TokenEditAccessible has now resolved. (CR201245071)

  • The offset form now runs validation rules even when not using the close button on form close. (CR201245158)

  • The Suggest Purchase Order function now includes wastage when determining stock required. (CR210345849)

  • The row count footer will not be hidden when restoring the default layout. (CR210446071)

  • Processing a credit against an invoice that has been offset externally while in progress, will be prevented. (CR210446100)

  • Products with a default sales price of $0 to foreign customers will now recalculate the base tax amount correctly. (CR210546140)

  • All pivots changed to use "legacy" mode to allow the pre-filter to continue to work as it did previously. (CR210546168)

  • The Track Order screen now displays correctly irrespective of font or display scale. (CR210546170)

  • Sales and Purchase Details reports now sort as expected when using transaction date. (CR210546211)

  • The "Show time as" field on an appointment now saves as expected. (CR210546226)

  • The original error message when customers exceed trading terms and credit limits has been restored on sales transactions. (CR210646260, CR210946838)

  • Focus now restores to the previous row when deleting an entry in special price maintenance. (CR210646272)

  • Saved purchase orders with an invalid cost category no longer allow processing upon re-opening. (CR210646277)

  • Changes have been made to the way that group references work within Cashbook. (CR210646348, CR210646361)

  • The Minimum Markup exception is no longer reported when selling an item to zero under very specific circumstances. (CR210646368)

  • Serial and lots that are returned against a sales order will no longer be printed on future sales invoices. (CR210646424)

  • Common setup is now supported on monitors with a display scale of over 250%. (CR210646431)

  • Manufacture work orders can now be completed when the QA and sales location are the same. (CR210746496)

  • Cut-length products will no longer to be allocated at the time of a sales pick. (CR210746548)

  • Margin, Markup & Gross Margin are now accurate when using a sales order to invoice a JC line. (CR210846643)

  • Invalid bank accounts on records not included in the TPAR will no longer prevent the export from occurring. (CR210846667)

  • Quick Receipt no longer allows the "Previous Transaction" sub-menu to be interacted with. (CR210846695)

  • Multiple approvers within a purchase requisition approval group at the same level will now all be required if ticked. (CR210846726)

  • The Gross Margin summary now displays the base currency symbol instead of the customers currency symbol. (CR210846744)

  • When adding a text file into a line note, the focus is no longer given back to the main application. (CR210846757)

  • Customer and supplier contact import templates now include the ContactId column. (CR210846760)

  • The Manufacturing Mass Update Wizard now responds to the decimal precision set for Manufacturing. (CR210846791)

  • The Chart of Accounts Wizard will no longer create Profit Brought Forward accounts. (CR210846793)

  • Documents added to a sales pick transaction are now saved as expected. (CR210946848)

  • The selected template is used when the Service Invoice Run Wizard is used. (CR210946849)

  • The stocktake screen now displays the Created By and Last Modified By information consistent with other transactions. (CR210946856)

  • Acquiring and disposing of an asset within the same fixed asset journal transaction now works as expected. (CR210946874)

  • The pivot grid panels no longer resize unexpectedly. (CR210946900)

  • The icon on the document folder control has been restored. (CR211046956)

  • The Help File table text has been restored to its expected size. (CR211047013)

  • The Quantity on Hand column now responds to the quantity precision setting. (CR211047020)

  • Aged balance and statement reports, when run with the Age Balance option of With Outstanding Transactions, will now show outstanding items in the same aging period where the account balance is zero. (CR211047033)

  • Users without stocktake processing rights can now view the list of open/outstanding stocktakes. (CR211047045)

  • Editing Segment 1 directly from a created GL account now works as expected. (CR211047059)

  • The report editor now shows data from the transaction that it was opened from as a method to preview. (CR180838638)

  • Columns with errors will always be available in the column chooser, even after a restore layout. (CR210746591)

  • The Delivery address and Instructions are no longer copied to the new transaction when using New From. (CR210946820)

  • An extra check to test for existence of objects (customer/supplier/product) on special price imports is now performed before attempting to get the value. (CR210946833)

  • Numerous other minor improvements have been included in this release: (CR201144872, CR201145010, CR210446099, CR210946870, CR211046986)

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