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STP2 enabled in Sybiz Visipay next week!

STP2 enabled in Sybiz Visipay next week!
Sybiz Visipay users will have STP2 reporting automatically enabled in their software (from version 22.20) on 1 November 2022. Although a subset of Sybiz customers have been successfully sending STP2 submissions since 1 July 2022, all remaining customers will begin from the extended deferral date next month.

How do I prepare?

Sybiz has done a significant amount of work behind the scenes to make this transition as seamless as possible for our customers, however although STP2 reporting is the same process as STP1 in Sybiz Visipay, a bit more preparation is needed by customers including the addition and re-categorisation of pay items and leave types. The ATO receives that extra information, and employees will start to see more detail in their MyGov accounts.

To help customers prepare, Sybiz Visipay 22.20 and above includes 2 custom reports provided by Sybiz, one shows just active items, the other shows active and inactive items:

 - Highlights items that must be addressed prior to STP2 reporting
 - Provides an opportunity to review other items
 - Report includes non-STP2 items related to 2022/23 financial year too

For an explanation of the report and pointers on how to interpret it, visit our website here.

What version do I need for STP2?

Customers who will be salary sacrificing allowances from 1 November 2022 when STP2 reporting begins in Sybiz Visipay. If this is the case, you will need to upgrade to Sybiz Visipay 22.22 prior to 1 November.

We also recommend that customers who are not salary sacrificing allowances upgrade to version 22.22 where possible, however the minimum required version for STP2 reporting remains at 22.20 for this group.

If you have not yet upgraded to Sybiz Visipay 22.20 (or above) you will not be reporting STP2 data and may be subject to ATO penalties if you have not organised an extended deferral.

If you are still unsure about when or how to start reporting STP2, we recommend you check out the STP2 resources available on our website, including our most recent STP2 refresher webinar about what has changed and what you need to do.

You can also contact our Sybiz BusinessCare Team or your Authorised Business Partner for further queries.

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